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How it works;

Based on which sport is being evaluated, each athlete is required to perform between eight to nine standardized, sport-specific tests.

After completing these tests, athletes will receive a RAPS percentile ranking which compares them by sport and position to other athletes.

In addition, athletes receive what’s known as a “hurricane score” which evaluates their current strengths and weaknesses through individualized tests. Based on both the RAPS and hurricane scores, athletes can see how they “measure up” against other athletes across the country in their specific sport(s).

The assessments are designed to measure strengths and weaknesses giving athletes the opportunity to improve in the areas needed!


A driving force behind the development of RAPS is to give every athlete, regardless of current skill level, the opportunity to show their talents and be discovered by collegiate coaches in the hope of receiving athletic scholarships and obtain a college education.

College recruiters and coaches look to RAPS to simplify the recruiting process and get a better picture of an athlete’s abilities.

Upon completion of the assessments, an athlete can give permission to a RAPS-certified provider to send their scores to prospective recruiters and college coaches for review.


You can’t improve what you don’t know. The purpose of RAPS is to give athletes, coaches and trainers the unknown and vital information needed to improve themselves and their programs.

Using two different assessment rankings- RAPS and Hurricane scores- athletes can see how they ‘measure up’ nationally and determine where improvements are needed in their training.

For coaches and trainers, knowing your athlete’s strengths and weaknesses allows you to make adjustments and improve training programs to benefit both the team and the individual players.

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