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Geriatric Rehabilitation

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Geriatric Rehabilitation

All of our clinics have therapists with expertise in geriatric rehabilitation, who are trained to take into consideration all of the components that can impact and influence the goals of rehabilitation. These include other medical conditions (diabetes, cardiac complications and diseases, respiratory disease, peripheral neuropathy, etc.), plus orthopedic issues such as joint arthritis. Initially a comprehensive evaluation is performed to identify contributing medical issues along with a musculoskeletal evaluation of strength and mobility. In addition, we feel an important part of geriatric evaluation is to assess gait, balance and safety with activities of daily living to identify areas of risk, primarily for falls.

A program will be devised to address all of the areas of concern, and may include stretching and strengthening exercises, a balance and gait correction program, plus recommendations for assistive devices and household adaptation for safety concerns and fall prevention.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services We Offer:

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