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Work-related Injuries

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Work-related Injuries

We accept both Federal and State Labor and Industries insurance and will help you with the insurance logistics of a work claim. We will work, when possible, with your claims manager.

All of our physical therapists are skilled at treating people with job related injuries. These injuries are unique in that they often are causing the person to not be able to do their normal job duties and this creates a number of consequential problems. Our skilled physical therapists will utilize similar guidelines to what we use to treat athletes with sports injuries – but with modifications based on their unique work environment. They understand the importance of getting injured workers back to work as soon as possible, but not so soon that they are unreasonably put at risk of re-injury. Focus is given to identifying the “critical load demands” of their job and our rehabilitation progreams are then modified to make sure each injured worker is trained to be able to safely return to these loads.

See our “Occupational Rehabilitation” section for more information on related programs. We have many programs related to on-the-job injuries including work conditioning (a medically monitored and individually progressed work-based program designed to restore a client’s strength, endurance, movement, and flexibility). The ultimate objective of the Work Conditioning Program is to restore the client’s function to enable a safe return to work.

We also offer a Work site evaluations and Job modification programs where a licensed Physical Therapist, with training in the field of ergonomics, will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the physical layout, equipment used and specific tasks required for a job. Making specific recommendations regarding mitigation of identified risks. Finally we offer a Physical Work Capacity Evaluation which are designed to rapidly and accurately define a client’s ability to work and at what level.

Kitsap Physical Therapy uses the ErgoScience™ PWCE program which consists of a series of standardized tests to accommodate each client’s work history and future work demands—administered by a licensed Therapist certified in the ErgoScience system.

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