Kitsap Physical Therapy and Sports Clinics

Poulsbo - Village Clinic

Ron Mimaki PT, OCS, CHT, MPT

Ron was born and raised in Hawaii. He attended Kaiser High School and lettered in baseball for 4 years. He attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa, then transferred to the University of North Dakota for Physical Therapy School. Ron graduated with his BSPT in '92 and Master’s in Physical Therapy in '93. Ron has worked in numerous settings which has given him a well rounded experience in his 22 years as a therapist. However, Ron has always wanted to work in out-patient orthopedics. He has worked with Kitsap Physical Therapy in Poulsbo for 16 years. He has been a certified hand therapist since 2000. Ron is also a certified board specialist in orthopedics since 2004.

Ron has many diverse interests. His free time is limited, but he enjoys hiking the various trails in the Northwest. This pass year he has hiked Marmot Pass and Mount Townsend. He also enjoys fishing with his family and can often be found on a beach or lakeside somewhere trying to reel in a nice salmon or trout. He likes to stay active by running, biking, and weight training. Ron has also completed his fourth Half Marathon and plans to continue this endeavor.

Ron's motto is "so that others may live better". He takes this approach with every patient that he has the opportunity to work with. I have been given a talent for Physical Therapy and I will always be in service to others.