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Kitsap Physical Therapy has always been committed to the communities where we have offices. We know that it is important for us to "give back" to each community beyond our role as a physical therapy care provider. For this reason, our staff are continually involved in a variety of activities to help make our communities better places for us all to live and work. Help us support your local food bank!

If you have a friend that will benefit from physical therapy, you can help us support your local food bank by referring them to us for care. For each new patient we see that is referred to us under this "refer a friend" program, we will donate $10 to the local food bank for the community where that site is located. This is a great way to both help your friend and your community. At the same time, we greatly appreciate your support for our programs. The greatest compliment you can give us is to recommend us to your friends! Thank you for any recommendations you make. Click here to download the refer a friend flyer.

It's easy to get involved with our "refer a friend to support food banks" program to raise money for our local food banks. Simply visit the referral page for the site you are a patient at (see links below) and refer a friend by email or social media. For each new patient that visits because of your referral, we'll make a $10 donation.

Our Signature Charity - Local Food Banks

The 2008 recession took many of us by surprise and caused many people's lives to be turned upside down. Elderly folks on limited incomes and families that were negatively affected by layoffs caused by economic changes found themselves in situations that were beyond their control. This left them struggling to put nutritious food on their tables.

We felt a responsibility to help make their situations better, so we started a program that provided quarterly donations to local food banks throughout the year. More recently, the economy has improved, but there is still an ongoing need at local food banks to help provide basic services as part of each community's safety net for those still in need.

We continue to support local food banks year round but have evolved this program to now be part of a "refer a friend" program. For every "new patient" that is referred to us via this "refer a friend" program, we will donate $10 to local food banks.

We are committed to providing highly trained professional staff delivering quality, "evidence based" care as well as excellent customer service. The support of our current patients is very important to us, so we greatly appreciate it whenever you refer one of your friends.

Your referral of a friend to us is the best compliment you can give us!

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