Industrial Rehabilitation

Industrial Rehabilitation

Industrial Rehabilitation is a specialized area of therapy that utilizes the knowledge base and skill set of both Physical and Occupational therapists with care centered on employee, employer, and workplace environmental issues. The range of services these therapists provide can include anything from workstation assessments, to more generalized work site/environmental inventories, to on-site educational programs. A wealth of data has demonstrated that increased effort put toward prevention of injuries results in lower worker’s compensation and group healthcare premiums.

Insurance Coverage

Kitsap Physical Therapy and Sports Clinics accepts both Federal and State Labor and Industries insurance and will help you navigate the logistical issues related to your claim. We will maintain contact with your referring provider, your vocational rehab counselor (if you have one), and your claims manager.


Treatment of the injured worker is ultimately geared toward returning him or her to their previous employment. Work-related injuries are unique in that they often cause the injured worker to not be able to perform their normal job duties. Therapy sessions are tailored toward treating the “whole” individual thus addressing issues of returning to employment throughout the different phases of rehab. The goals of treatment include reducing pain, restoring mobility and strength, safe return to work and the prevention of future injuries. As rehab progresses, focus shifts to identifying the “critical load demands” of a job and rehab programs are modified to make sure each injured worker is retrained to safely return to these loads or returned to a more appropriate level of work determined by their medical team. Successful treatment results in cost savings in direct medical costs as well as savings in indirect costs (such as lost productivity, decreased morale and increased efficiency).

Want to learn more about Industrial Rehabilitation?

See our “Industrial Rehabilitation” section for more information on related programs. We have many programs related to on-the-job injuries including:

  • Comprehensive Employee Health – Our mission is to make employee health your company’s greatest asset. Health is at the foundation of employee performance and business achievement. We create opportunities for health by promoting a culture of prevention. Our Comprehensive Employee Health service offerings are delivered on-site at your facilities. That’s right, we come to you.

  • Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations – A program conducted by a therapist trained in the field of ergonomics who will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the physical layout, equipment used and specific tasks required for a job. This process results in specific recommendations being made regarding mitigation of identified risks.
  • Physical Capacity Evaluations (PCE) – A program that is designed to rapidly and accurately define a client’s ability to work and at what level.
  • Pre-Employment Screening – A series of physical tests based on essential job demands to evaluate the candidate’s ability to safely perform essential job functions and to assess his/her ability to meet those demands.
  • Work Conditioning – A medically monitored and individually progressed work-based program designed to restore a client’s strength, endurance, movement, and flexibility. The ultimate objective of the Work Conditioning Program is to restore the client’s function to enable a safe return to work.

If you think that Industrial Rehabilitation might be an option for you, we’d love to have you come in to see if we can help.

Jillian Berry OTR/L (Bainbridge Island)

Jonathan Dyk PT, DPT, TPS, OCS (Bainbridge)

Greg Stevenson PT, DPT, IHC (Bremerton)

Eric Roth PT, DPT, COMT, IHC, Cert Schroth (C1) (Kingston)

Candy Nelson PT, OCS, Cert MDT (Port Orchard)

John Carlson PT (Port Orchard)

Mandy Morgan PT, DPT, Cert. Schroth (C1) (Port Orchard)

Elias Cook PT, DPT, OCS, Cert MDT, TPS, Cert Schroth (C1) (Poulsbo Village)

Megan Milyard OT/L, OTD, AIB-VR/Con (Poulsbo Village)

Brandon Escobar OT, MSOT (Poulsbo Village)

Malina Lorring PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS (Poulsbo NKMC)

Steve Goldrick PT, DPT, OCS, TPS, CWcHP, CSCS (Silverdale)

Garrett Kitchel PT, DPT (Silverdale)

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