Occupational Rehabilitation Programs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that more than 40% of work-related injuries resulting in lost work days are due to strains and sprains of the spine. In the US, back injuries cost businesses billions of dollars each year in medical as well as indirect costs, such as lost productivity and decreased morale.

Injury Prevention & Management – In the Office Environment

Our Occupational Rehab specialists provide workstation assessments for employees in office, industrial, and manufacturing settings billed through insurance and on a private pay basis. These specialists will observe and assess furniture, equipment, and work habits to provide comprehensive recommendations for changes to the work environment that enhance proper ergonomic practices. Additional services listed below are available by private pay.

By implementing programs that simultaneously prevent and manage musculoskeletal injuries, our clients can experience a significant reduction in workers’ compensation and group healthcare premiums.

Employee/Employer Education

Identify ergonomic risk factors and work practices that contribute to musculoskeletal disorders in the office environment.

Ergonomic Assessments

Evaluation of work spaces, recommendations, and assistance in implementation to alleviate and/or prevent injury and symptoms on the job.

Early Intervention Program

Utilizes preventative measures, such as improved flexibility, physical fitness, strength, and awareness of ergonomic issues to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries in an effort to prevent recordable injuries and allow employee to stay on the job.

Injury Prevention & Management — In the Industrial Environment

Once an injury occurs, the most effective way to control the associated direct and indirect costs is to provide aggressive therapeutic interventions and injury management by returning patients to and maintaining pre-injury physical condition and strength, supporting and strengthening the injury and surrounding tissues, and involving our patients in the formulation of their treatment plan and rehabilitation goals.

By implementing programs that simultaneously prevent and manage musculoskeletal injuries, our clients can experience a significant reduction in workers’ compensation and group healthcare premiums.

Quantitative Job Demands Analysis

Provides detailed documentation of the essential job functions, as well as the overall physical demand of a job.

Post Offer Screenings

A series of physical tests based on the essential job demands to evaluate the candidate’s ability to safely perform essential job functions and to assess his/her ability to meet the physical demand level of the job.

Injury Prevention & Management — In All Settings

Employee and Employer Education

Education on prevention of musculoskeletal injuries by identifying risk factors and modifying work tasks and manual material handling activities.

Early Intervention

Utilizes preventative measures, such as improved flexibility, physical fitness, strength, and awareness of ergonomic issues to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Helps to prevent recordable injuries and allow employee to stay on the job.

Stretch Program

Our Occupational Rehab specialist is available to help design customized stretch programs that specifically addresses the postures and activities required of the worker and focuses on the muscle groups that are most at risk during any given task or activity.

Ergonomic Modification/Consulting

ADA compliance, to assist with implementation or improvement of injury prevention programs and provide recommendations to decrease potential injuries on the job.

Wellness Programs

Design and implementation of a wellness program with a variety of services dovetailed for the company needs.

Return To Work Program

Based on the injured workers abilities and limitations, a progression of modified and transitional job duties is designed to safely increase the worker’s tolerance to regular job demands. This can also be modified for Graded Work Entry.

On Site Consultations

Our no cost, no obligation initial consultation allows our specialist to come to your site to review company injury/accident history, discuss the types of products and services that will best meet your needs, and summarize the programs and services we offer. These services can be implemented autonomously or with our assistance.

Health Coaching to Promote Healthier Lifestyles

The past 5 years have seen a dramatic increase in the focus on injury prevention and health maintenance during sport, recreation, and leisure activities. We offer multiple health promotion services to help employees understand how musculoskeletal injuries occur and how easily they can be prevented. Flexibility screenings, strength testing, stretch programs, and our Health & Safety Talks provided by physical therapists who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of fitness, sports, and injury prevention.

Ergonomic Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning is a medically monitored program that is designed to focus on restoring the critical demands of a worker’s normal job station. Typically, this involves a close knowledge of their JA (job analysis) and often includes our physical therapist consulting with the patient’s supervisor and even inspecting the patient’s work station to see first-hand the situation. The program is individually progressed based on the injured worker’s tolerances. It is designed to restore the necessary strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance necessary for the client to return to work with greatly reduced risk of re-injury.

Ergonomic Work Site Evaluations

These evaluations are typically done to evaluate the critical demands involved in doing a job. The purpose is to either use it as a goal for a rehab program or as part of a plan modify a workstation to accommodate a person that has some limitations in their ability levels. Our Physical Therapists that specialize in these programs have advanced training in the field of ergonomics, will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the physical layout, equipment used and specific tasks required for a job. Making specific recommendations regarding mitigation of identified risks.

Physical Capacity Evaluations

A Physical Capacity Evaluation (PCE) is a comprehensive battery of performance-based tests that is used commonly to determine ability for work, activities of daily living or leisure activities. A PCE is a detailed examination and evaluation that objectively measures the evaluee’s current level of function. Measurements of function from a PCE are used to make return-to-work (activity) decisions, disability determinations or to design rehabilitation plans. A PCE measures the ability of an individual to perform functional or work-related tasks and predicts the potential to sustain these tasks over a defined time frame. This supports tertiary prevention by preventing needless disability or activity restrictions.*

We participate in the ErgoScience brand of PCE because of its reputation as a standardized, research-validated test. This creates a more consistent product that benefits employers, employees, and our legal system.

*GUIDELINES: OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH PHYSICAL THERAPY: EVALUATING FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY BOD 10-08-01-01 [Retitled: Occupational Health Guidelines: Evaluating Functional Capacity, Amended BOD G11-01-07-11;BOD 03-01-16-54; BOD 03-00-25-60; BOD 11-97-16-53]

What’s different about ErgoScience’s PCE?

The ErgoScience PCE is the only research-developed and fully validated measurement tool available to accurately and objectively measure an individual’s physical capabilities. Our patented scoring system takes clinical guesswork out of determining an overall level of work, projecting performance for an 8-hour day and determining sincerity-of-effort. ErgoScience PCEs can only be performed by health professionals who have completed a training course consisting of 24 hours of instruction, and have demonstrated their competency by passing a series of examinations. ErgoScience has one of the largest clinic networks in the industry, comprised of over 850 clinics, located both domestically in the U.S. and internationally.

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