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"Best place for therapy! I've tried other PT providers, but Kitsap PT actually provided great results! Folks here are positive, encouraging, and strive for helping patients reach their goals. "
Dec 20, 2018
"The staff are very friendly and hard working to meet your needs. Highly recommended Kitsap Physical Therapy. Don F"
Aug 21, 2018
"Very friendly employees. Get you in on time no long wait for appointments "
Aug 07, 2018
"I came in with concerns about my knee - I wasn't treated like I was wasting anybody's time. Got some great info from the PT and tools/tips on how to get relief and prevent further issues. Exactly what I was looking for."
Nov 10, 2016
"Nope,....I wouldn't give KPT five stars,...I'D GIVE UM TEN. What a good bunch of guys they have there, I couldn't even pick a favorite. I got the best treatment ever, and I even got some medical advice from a really smart guy,...Steve Goldrickthat,... and it turned out to be spot on"
Oct 21, 2016
"I give them a 5 star, they address my needs, and some, even if I ended up with someone different for a session that person was adopted knowledgeable about my needsituation and met them as well.I think my great experience was they told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear.Thanks Guys"
Sep 20, 2016
"Kitsap physical therapy is excellent in service and rehabilitation, knowledgable in their trade and practice. Professional and caring to their customer. Excellent!"
Aug 26, 2016
"Job well done!"
Aug 19, 2016
"Jackie is so good at what she does, Kara worked me hard as I had tight muscles the next day. Thank you VA for referring me. I don't think you can find anyone better. I saw on the wall Best Therapist in 2015."
Aug 17, 2016
"Your first priority is making the patient improve but not push them if in pain. Keep up the good work! You are all doing great!"
Aug 03, 2016
"Very friendly staff and office is well staffed. My physical therapist was very calming, concerned and helpful with my pain problems I am so happy I was referred to a great facility."
Jul 26, 2016
"Feel like a family member. Friendly and concerned."
Jul 25, 2016
"The staff, atmosphere and service was great. Even though I did not want to be there in the first place, the experience was a positive one! Thanks to each one involved in my healing process!"
Jul 25, 2016
"I was really impressed with how much I improved- keep up the great work!"
Jul 18, 2016
"When I came into KPT I could barely reach down and touch my knees because I had so much lower back pain. KPT got me back to running, biking, and climbing again. They made the recovery experience fun and taught me how to stay on top of the back pain and get back to doing what I love."
Jun 22, 2016
"I was hobbling around like a 99 year old woman when I finally dragged myself into KPT to get treated for Plantar Fasciitis. For 6 months, I tried all the at home remedies you can imagine and my 50 year body just would not bounce back. In just 6 weeks, Matt Knoebel got me back on both feet, walking, running, and even shopping again! Using a combination of ultrasound, light and massage therapies and a lot of exercise and strength building on my own, I am on a solid road to my old self. Thank you Matt!! I am so pleased."
Apr 01, 2016
"Great group to work with!"
Mar 30, 2016
"Everyone was awesome! Nate and Dena were wonderful and they made the training easy to understand and follow and I enjoyed my visits."
Mar 30, 2016
"Phil and Nate were fantastic. They took time to explain the exercises and therapist and the rationale behind them. They adapted their interventions based on my changing condition and unique physical limitations. A great experience."
Mar 30, 2016
"Liked the hands on the neck."
Mar 30, 2016
"This was my third treatment period- all were extremely satisfying. Wonderful staff and facility."
Mar 30, 2016
"Knowledgeable and effective care. Warm and friendly atmosphere."
Mar 30, 2016
"Excellent, professional, personable. Have been there before for other problems. If needed will request PT at KPT."
Mar 30, 2016
"You guys are great, I always look forward to coming for my appointments. Thank you for everything!"
Mar 30, 2016
"I have used KPT for 2 different injuries; knee and plantar fasciistis. Both times, the therapist I saw were very professional, knowledgeable, and spent quality time helping me recover. Most importantly, they gave me the tools to keep from getting re-injured. Highly recommend!"
Mar 30, 2016
"Did a good job."
Mar 30, 2016
"Very helpful in pain relief. Dana and Nate did and excellent job in listening and finding exercises for pain relief."
Mar 30, 2016
"Better than expected service. Reached an understanding about how PT can impact osteoarthritis. Responsive to changing physical capabilities. Thank you."
Mar 30, 2016
"People get a little down when their bodies are not working right. I know I do. So I like how everyone is positive."
Mar 30, 2016
"A very good experience, which hasn't changed since I was here before. I would definitely go back if I need to."
Mar 30, 2016
"Great place, amazing staff, at care of clients, really pleased to have been referred here, and with my physical therapy."
Mar 18, 2016
"Definitely the place to go to undo any damage you do to yourself. The staff and clinicians are all tremendous and a delight while you get back to 100%. Thank you!"
Jan 25, 2016
"You were all very professional and worked well as a team. Super nice. Great at communication with patients, the front desk, and physicians."
Jan 25, 2016
"Megan was a wonderful physical therapist. She was always upbeat and excited about helping me. Explained the exercises and how they would help me to strengthen my back and prevent future injury."
Nov 17, 2015
"Third time i've had to have physical therapy and, after using this facility the first time, I have no reason to look elsewhere for this care."
Nov 17, 2015
"The staff were great and very helpful. They make sure all your questions are answered and are very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this facility."
Nov 17, 2015
"This clinic is the most professional clinic i've ever been to. The staff is 100% the best at what they do and I would not want to go anywhere else. Very friendly environment and a very fun place to go. 5 stars to the entire staff. Thank you for the best service and commitment to your patients."
Nov 17, 2015
"I am very glad to see the improvements I made at Kitsap Physical Therapy! It's a very comfortable environment for the road to recovery, I would definitely recommend this clinic. Thank you!"
Nov 12, 2015
"As a long time patient over the years, this shoulder surgery and rehab has been my most difficult challenge. Your staff's skilled treatment made the job much easier and very successful. The team effort here makes ll the difference-very professional and pleasant! I'm very happy to be discharged but I will miss you all. Special thanks to Dena, Nate, Matt, Dawn and Betsey!"
Nov 10, 2015
"I have been very impressed by the care I have received and would and have recommended Kitsap Physical Therapy to anyone."
Nov 09, 2015
"Great help, friendly, everyone was good to me, and pretty much solved my back problem."
Nov 08, 2015
"My therapist was outstanding, along with the staff and office personal. This facility is great, I would recommend this facility very highly."
Nov 05, 2015
"The staff are exceptional. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They have a very caring yet professional attitude and treat you like your pain matters. Their greatest concern is your wellness! I would highly recommend them!"
Oct 29, 2015
"Everything was great! Knowledgeable, patient, and helpful staff (especially Candy!) Went from a few days after surgery without major pain and extremely limited mobility to very good mobility and manageable pain. Thank you! Thanks Candy, Suzette, Matt, and Betsy! You guys rock! Go hawks!!!"
Oct 29, 2015
"I am very happy with Kitsap Physical Therapy. Dena and Nate have been awesome with my treatment. Caring, knowledgeable, but yet pushing me to push through and do more to help me the most of my treatment. To get back my mobility and strength. Everyone is very helpful. I am thankful for them getting me back to doing the things I haven't done in a long time. Thank you!"
Oct 29, 2015
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