Kitsap Physical Therapy and Sports Clinics

General Questions

Do I have to have a referral from my doctor for therapy?
Yes, almost all insurance companies require a current referral (no more than 30 days old) in order for services to be covered. You may see a Physical Therapist without a referral, however we will most likely be unable to bill an insurance company for your care.
My referral is for a different company; can I come to Kitsap Physical Therapy instead?
Yes, as long as we are providers with your insurance company.
What happens on my first visit? What should I bring/wear?
Your first visit will include an evaluation and, time permitting, your treatment will be started. Please bring your referral and your insurance information with you. If possible, print out and complete our initial paperwork ahead of time.
  • Recommended clothing: We do have rooms available to change your clothes.
  • Spinal injuries: gym shorts, comfortable/loose tops.
  • Knee, ankle, hip: gym shorts, comfortable/loose tops (we do provide shorts if you don't have them).
  • Arm/shoulder, etc: tank top, we can provide a gown.

Treatment Questions

I think I need therapy, what do I need to do?
Contact your doctor to discuss your needs. If your doctor believes that therapy would be beneficial for you, you will receive a written referral. Give us a call to schedule your first appointment.
Will I have the same therapist every time I come in?
We make every effort to ensure that you are seen by your evaluating therapist and their assistant. These teams meet regularly and coordinate your plan of care. Due to coverage purposes (sick/vacation/etc) you may see other therapists from time-to-time.
Can I request a female or male therapist?
Our clinics usually have both females and males available. We will make accommodations whenever we are able.
How long do visits take?
Visits last 30 to 60 minutes based on the treatment being provided. The first day evaluation may cause the session to take 15-30 minutes longer.
Does therapy hurt?
Your therapist is trained to evaluate and treat your particular problem. The evaluation and treatments may cause discomfort, but our staff will do everything possible to keep you comfortable and reduce discomfort.
What happens when I’m done with therapy?
Your therapist will have already provided you with a detailed home exercise program for you to continue doing. Your therapist may also recommend that you utilize a fitness center or local pool to supplement your home program.
How long will it take me to get better?
This will vary greatly depending on the type of injury, severity of injury, Everyone heals a little differently based on their response to pain, severity of injury and diligence with their exercise program. There is no magic number of visits.

Billing & Insurance Questions

Will Medicare cover my therapy?
Yes, at 80% with a current Referral from a doctor. You must have Part B coverage. All current Medicare Rules must be followed throughout the patient’s care with us.
I have a secondary (supplemental) insurance, will you bill them too?
We will bill any secondary insurance, provided that benefits are available for our services.
I have a question about a bill I received from you, who do I call?
Please contact our at 360-779-5732.
How much will my insurance pay?
Each insurance plan can vary - contact the Customer Service department of your insurance plan.
Do I have to pay a co-pay every time I go to therapy?
Yes, if your insurance requires a co-pay, it is due at each visit you have with us. If you are being seen multiple times each week, we allow you to pay all of your co-pays at your last visit of the week.