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"I highly recommend Kitsap Physical Therapy in Bremerton. Scott Richards and Cheryl Dean are incredible! Their knowledge, individual care, and expertise are outstanding. Thank you!"
Dec 21, 2018
"I came into KPT not moving much after back surgery , pulmonary embolism and a staph wound infection. That really slowed me down. You all brought me back to me . A better me with great hope of active years to come."
Nov 30, 2018
"Great people. Great job. I am feeling so much better."
Nov 30, 2018
"Thanks to all from the front desk to technicians. Overall, I am feeling happy that I am back to exercises a little bit thanks to Eric."
Nov 30, 2018
"A wonderful group of professionals to work with. Megan and Suzette are very knowledgeable and helpful with my individual needs. Friendly atmosphere from the time to arrive until you leave. I would highly recommend Kitsap Physical Therapy. Definitely a five-star rating. "
Nov 07, 2018
"Jennifer has greatly improved my balance and morale."
May 26, 2017
"Fantastic needed hamstring work, got just what I needed to get back to everyday routine."
May 26, 2017
"Everyone was so nice and helpful and helped me a lot to be better."
Nov 10, 2016
"They're very good at what they do for me."
Nov 10, 2016
"You are awesome! I improved incredibly fast and learned stretches; exercises I can continue to use from now on. Everyone is positive and fun to work with. Time always well-spent."
Nov 08, 2016
"Great staff and clinicians, have recommended my PT to several people. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"
Aug 29, 2016
"Your therapy has encouraged me to continue exercising to increase strength and range of motion. At this point I am confident that I have an excellent chance to avoid surgery. "CAN!""
Aug 10, 2016
"What a wonderful place to be to help you heal. Not only are they compassionate and caring about the client, but there is a wonderful camaraderie between co-workers. This makes for for a wonderful atmosphere and a place for healing. This is a place to heal!"
Jul 11, 2016
"Kitsap Physical Therapy helped me get back on my feet again. My physical therapist, Dana, not only treated me with physical and massage treatments, but she gave me tools to keep the injury from coming back again."
Jun 03, 2016
"Your staff was great, uplifting and encouraged me to take better care of myself in the future. And I am truly grateful."
May 31, 2016
"You went out of your way for me, nothing but smiles from you! Thank you!"
May 16, 2016
"Staff is really good, from the front desk to all the news in the PT department. Scott/Cherryl are very well-known on the position they're doing. Hooray to all of you!"
May 13, 2016
"Lynn, thank you for excellent lymphedema prevention and support. Kathy, thank you for gentle guidance and strategic pilates interventions."
May 11, 2016
May 11, 2016
"Kitsap Physical Therapy and sports clinic is one of the best places I could have imagined to receive my treatment at. They truly are compassionate with their patients and provide excellent care!"
Apr 12, 2016
"After having a major back surgery, I came to KPT (Bremerton office). I started water therapy. It worked wonders on my back. I then started PT at the clinic. Their staff is amazing. Very caring, understanding, and empathetic. April and Greg worked with me at the clinic. If you have a chance to get your PT care here. I would recommend it."
Apr 12, 2016
"Staff was very good at connecting with patients. They seem like they genuinely cared about my pain and limitations. They did a great job at helping me reach my goals and return to full duty at work."
Apr 12, 2016
"Y'all Rock! Greg is awesome! And the ladies at the front desk are on the ball!"
Apr 06, 2016
"This has been a great experience for me to work with the two people that helped me feel as great as I do now. They gave their all, I am forever grateful to them both. This is sincerely from the heart."
Mar 29, 2016
"Everyone who works here is incredibly friendly. Greg Stevenson was my physical therapist and he genuinely wanted to see me get better. His assistant, April, also wanted to help in my recovery and made sure I was taken care of on the days Greg was unavailable. Highly recommended to come here for help."
Mar 18, 2016
"Greg and April helped me from having mobility from a tibia plateau fracture to living normally, even line dancing! I am very grateful."
Mar 18, 2016
"Staff, happy, friendly, and knowledgeable."
Feb 25, 2016
"April and Greg were my therapists. I really enjoyed working with them both. Made excellent progress from my surgery with their help. The staff here at the Bremerton clinic are so pleasant to be around, facility is clean. I would recommend to anyone who needs therapy to come here."
Feb 17, 2016
"The staff at KPT were wonderful, Greg and April were very compassionate about my well being and the staff at the front desk were very nice."
Feb 09, 2016
"Everyone at this facility is compassionate, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Scott took the time to explain and answer all of my questions. I would recommend this facility to anyone. These folks are awesome!!"
Feb 03, 2016
"Cheryl is an incredible support and educator. A very qualified person. Scott, well he's amazing and very in tune-- helping you/me to full recovery! Thanks! and Jim--excellent personality and character!"
Feb 03, 2016
"I was very pleased with my treatment at Kitsap Physical Therapy."
Feb 03, 2016
"Kitsap Physical therapy greatly exceeded my expectations of what could be accomplished. The facility was very clean, fully equipped, and pleasant. All the staff had a terrific attitude, particularly April and Greg."
Jan 15, 2016
Jan 07, 2016
"Great care for their patients and willingness to help and teach. I would recommend them to others with ease. Thanks for the help KPT."
Jan 05, 2016
"Great facility, great physical therapy, great service."
Jan 05, 2016
"It was a great experience. The staff was very helpful and great people all around. Really helped improve the issues I was having. I would recommend them to anyone who needs PT."
Jan 05, 2016
"Staff and therapists are courteous, friendly, and sincerely work toward positive patient outcomes for me. My symptoms have greatly improved while I have been here. I particularly appreciate the expertise and compassion Dana Jackson has in treating my problems."
Jan 05, 2016
"Wonderful staff. Thanks for everything."
Jan 05, 2016
"Would highly recommend. All staff was helpful and courteous. My PT worked at my pace and waited until I was comfortable. All directions were clearly explained."
Jan 05, 2016
"I had physical therapy for a total knee replacement. Everyone on staff, front desk to therapist- even those that didn't work with me directly- were wonderful. They were friendly and caring, knowledgeable, and professional! I would highly recommend them."
Dec 21, 2015
"Scott was great to work with! Improved my strength, range of motion and worked with my very difficult schedule. Thanks so much!"
Dec 21, 2015
"Kitsap Physical Therapy staff were amazing in my recovery. I was treated with respect, compassion, and dignity. I felt like I had my own cheerleading squad encouraging me to reach my goals. I wouldn't be having an active life without their help. It is amazing to have a team behind you when you go through transitions in life. Thank you!"
Dec 18, 2015
"These guys are great"
Dec 15, 2015
"Excellent work!"
Dec 15, 2015
"Wonderful :)"
Dec 14, 2015
"Great service- appt's on time, quick recovery- comfortable surroundings.Matt listens and responds- very important to me- Great Guy!"
Nov 24, 2015
"The patient is carefully monitored to make sure progress is being made. Very friendly, concerned staff who really listened. Not only are the physical therapist very knowledgable, but I was impressed as well with the dedication and professionalism of the physical therapy assistants."
Nov 19, 2015
"Kitsap PT is a fantastic and knowledgeable clinic. Front desk is friendly and helpful. Physical therapist I saw (Jeff) was very helpful. He took the time to understand cause of pain and appropriate help in feeling better. I'd highly recommend visiting."
Nov 19, 2015
".They are friendly and knowledgeably. They gave a lot of ways I can help myself."
Nov 17, 2015
"You are great! I really appreciate the caring and knowledgeable staff. They all worked together to help me improve knee function."
Nov 17, 2015
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