Industrial Rehabilitation

A unique specialty area of physical and occupational therapy involves working with and preventing injuries among our nation’s work force. Workers have unique care needs because the ultimate goal is to return them to work as soon as possible. This goal must be addressed with unique interventions including work conditioning, work simulation-based exercises, and testing the fitness level of the injured worker to ensure they meet the demands listed for their occupation. But what if we could prevent on-the-job injuries from happening all together? Imagine the cost savings to both the worker and the employer. Research continues to prove the great return on investment these programs provide. 

Functional Capacity Evaluation 

We utilize the ErgoScience system which consists of a series of standardized tests customized for each patient’s work history and future work demands. This 5 hour standardized test measures load tolerances found in most jobs and is adminis-tered by a licensed PT certified in the ErgoScience system. 

Work Conditioning Program 

Work conditioning is an individualized and structured rehabilitation program designed to improve function and quality of life with a goal of returning to work. It consists of 2 hours of functional exercises, injury prevention and wellness education focusing on the critical demands of the job to which the patient is returning. This program provides coordinated and outcome-oriented services in an outpatient setting. 

Ergonomic Worksite Evaluation 

This is a comprehensive analysis of the physical layout, equipment used, and specific tasks required for a job to identify risk factors for musculoskeletal injuries among workers. Specific job site modifications are made to help keep the work environment safe from repetitive use and poor ergonomics in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Pre-Employment screening (Post-Offer) 

A Pre-Employment/Post-offer Screen is a physical assessment administered by a physical or occupational therapist to individuals who have been offered a job, but for whom it needs to be determined if they can tolerate the physical demands of the job. The testing is most often based on the demands listed on a “JA”, or job analysis form. The ultimate goal is to determine if the individual can safely meet the physical demands of the job.”

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