Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning is a medically monitored program that is designed to focus on restoring the critical demands of a worker’s normal job environment. Typically, this involves a close knowledge of the employee’s job analysis and often includes our physical therapist and/or occupational therapist consulting with your supervisor and even inspecting your work station to see first-hand the situation of your work environment.

The program is individually progressed based on the injured worker’s tolerances. It is designed to restore the necessary strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance necessary for the client to return to work with a greatly reduced risk of re-injury. You will be evaluated and treated by both a physical therapist and an occupational typically seeing each therapist for 45 minute treatment times.

What will therapy look like?
Work conditioning is an individualized and structured rehabilitation program designed to improve function and quality of life with the goal of returning to work. It consists of 2 hours of functional exercises, injury prevention and wellness education focusing on the critical demands of the job to which the patient is returning. This program provides coordinated and outcome-oriented services in an outpatient setting.

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