Bainbridge Island Clinic

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Bremerton Clinic

“Everything and everybody are very helpful and care a lot about me as a person, not just get me in and out, but make me feel comfortable like I am home.” -Anonymous

“Extremely friendly and courteous. Worked well with my difficult schedule.”-Anonymous

“Very professional – Good Equipment – Top Notch Staff, Thanks a Bunch.” -Clancy

“My overall experience is the best I have ever had. My clinician was great. I wish she could be my doctor. I will miss her encouragement.”  -Anonymous

“I love that everyone comes to work happy and upbeat and knows your patients by name. Very Welcoming.” -Anonymous

Kingston Clinic

“I have enjoyed everything about this facility and everyone connected with my treatment. They have been experts at their work, encouraging, inspiring, and carefully answering all my questions and concerns. I will recommend them highly to everyone.”  -Alice Mauser

“I have only been to 2 PT clinics, the Kitsap PT and its staff far exceed the other one.”  -Anonymous

“Getting to know me more than just a patient.  I appreciate the compassion I got.”  -Anonymous

“Staff is courteous and very sweet whenever I come in, very nice. It’s great to come to this facility and be treated like you would want to be treated. I will be recommending family and friends.” -Lucy Spears

“Hey! Kingston Physical Therapy! Thanks for making pain so much more fun! Ya know, I have been to 3 other physical therapy centers in the past and your staff is by far the most dedicated! Thanks for every little effort you make—from the wonderful greeting when I walk in the door to the constant guidance you give each of us crippled-up characters who seek a cure.”  -Joanie Hento

Port Orchard Clinic

“In my case there was nothing I felt was lacking. Equipment, knowledge, ability, etc. was all first rate.” -Anonymous

“You always have an excellent attitude that makes it a comfortable environment.”  -Anonymous

“Keep the sense of humor. Always enjoyable and fun.”  -Anonymous

“Wonderful patient care from start to finish.”  -Anonymous

“Friendliness and professionalism was great!”  -Anonymous

Poulsbo — NK Medical Center Clinic

“My PT, Elias, was very helpful. I have had this pain for almost 20 yrs. I have never felt better. Keep him with the KPT family.”  Anonymous

“I love coming here. I am always well taken care of and feel completely comfortable and never have to wait long to be seen.” -Anonymous

“The entire staff here is amazing!  They all want to help you get better.  They are compassionate, friendly and professional.” -Anonymous

“Every staff member was exceptional, professional, knowledgeable, and approachable! Rob Spraque is a true asset to this fine facility. Susan, Carolyn and everyone was positive.” -Anonymous

“You care about me, THANK YOU!” Anonymous

Poulsbo Village Medical Center Clinic

“Ron communicates well and is very personable. He really listened to me and gave me understandable advice.” -Anonymous

“Blessed and honored by Anna-Thank You!  Personal, straight forward, compassionate care.” -Anonymous

“Calm, quiet, tranquil environment,cheerful staff, but mostly highly skilled and compassionate therapist. There’s nobody better.”  -Anonymous

“Your staff and clinicians are wonderful. This has been the best PT treatment I have ever had. Thank You!” -Anonymous

Silverdale Clinic

“Dave and his staff are beyond excellent for physical therapy. Wonderful place, can’t say enough about them.”  Anonymous

“Probably the most important factor in my selecting this facility was being able to schedule appointments with least impact on my work schedule (early am or evening.) Please work on making these time frames even more available. have nothing be praise for your staff.”  Anonymous

“Doing great! Love your humanitarian efforts for the community.”  Anonymous

“Good listeners, willing and able to think ‘out of the box’.”  Anonymous

“Kitsap Physical Therapy is a team of professionals that know their profession exceedingly well. Thanks you for the best care.”  -Max Mallillin

“You are the best PT’s; very compassionate and caring. Take all the time I needed to do and learn all of the exercises to make my recovery go fast. Love y’all!”  -Anonymous

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Bremerton Clinic
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Port Orchard Clinic
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Poulsbo - NKMC Clinic
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Poulsbo - Village Clinic
19319 7th Ave NE #108
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Silverdale Clinic
2400 NW Myhre Rd #102
Silverdale, WA 98383
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