Bariatric Fitness

Exercise is an important component in achieving your goal toward weight loss surgery. The Kitsap Physical Therapy bariatric team is comprised of one of our physical therapists and personal trainers. The physical therapist will first screen/evaluate you to identify any physical and/or orthopedic barriers for exercise goals either pre- or post-bariatric surgery. From there, you will meet with a trainer to gather baseline measurements, i.e. weight, BMI, girth circumferences, blood pressure, VO2 and blood sugar if needed. Then our trainer will work with you to identify exercises to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, mobility,  and flexibility. This can be done pre-surgery if your physician requires weight loss and an increase in fitness prior to surgery. We then create a custom exercise plan to meet your specific needs and goals; this can be done one on one with a trainer.

Your physician will give you a referral to one of our bariatric physical therapists to get you started.

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